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Nothing ventured nothing gained, this is what my mum said to me when I first told her I wanted to start a dress hire business… AND now here we are.

I literally had to tell myself that every day in the lead up to launching Bella Boutique Hire and I’m so glad I did because I am so thrilled to welcome you all to the official launch of our website! This has been a work in progress that is for sure. Firstly, how about we take a moment to appreciate all the boss babe mums out there with small businesses juggling their family lives, businesses and trying to find time for themselves. 

Although the juggle is real and SO hard sometimes, I have found so much joy in having my baby girl, Gracie, as my right-hand girl. I will never be able to make you laugh or even accessorise you as well as she does… I do apologise in advance if we ever do meet over the phone and she’s demanding a snack in the background or if she insists you try on the shoes, hat and the bag at your try on session. She certainly is her mother’s daughter! 


Secondly, how about all the amazing supportive husbands!? I certainly hit the husband jackpot. I mean dress funding jackpot as I have only been working 1 day a week for the last year. Luke has been in my corner even since I convinced him that “Nothing ventured nothing gained” … HAHA but seriously whenever I refer to “We”, “our” or “us” I am referring to him and I. He is my team, my supporter and my biggest fan and definitely knows way too much about ladies’ fashion and designers… Lets be real, he always did (those who know Luke know this to be true lol)  

This is a whole new world for me, I have always been the creative type and never found much interest in the business side of things BUT here I am giving it my best shot. Its all very overwhelming at first but the passion and drive I have to see BBH succeed certainly outweighs my fears of failure (or not knowing what I’m doing) 

What’s also kind of funny is I am the least tech savvy person in the world (and anyone who knows me personally knows this to be true lol) and here I am in the process of launching a WEBSITE! It is funny the challenges and blessings life will throw at you.

I studied fashion design while at school through TAFE and have worked in the fashion industry most of my working life besides the last 4 years where I have worked at the most beautiful salon in Cairns, Brow Babes. My love for customer service landed me the salon coordinator position before I had Grace which made me happy for such a long time, but I am so grateful I found my way back into the fashion industry… I have never felt more content and at home. Literally... my business is run from home! Something just lights up inside of me when I get to play dress ups, wear beautiful clothes, and share that enjoyment with other women who have the same taste/ style in fashion as I do. 

As Gracie would say, Sharing is caring! Hope you find something you absolutely love in our Collection. 

Bella x 

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  1. You’re incredible Bella! Thanks for sharing your wonderful story to us. Love your dresses and will always be supporting your business.

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