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We would like to introduce you to all our beautiful models. These girls are all Cairns Locals and have played such a huge role in brining BBH to life and believe it or not, they’re not professional models! Just real girls like you and me who love to feel beautiful when going to that special event. We hope the below sizing guidelines will assist you when booking your next outfit.

Height 163cm | Bust 83cm | Waist 62cm | Hip 89cm

Our littlest lady Kaya is one of my dear friends, we have worked together in both the beauty industry and now fashion industry. A BBH photoshoot isn’t the same without our beautiful Kaya, she brings so much poise and personality to our shoots. Kaya is a beauty therapist in Cairns, and I am forever grateful for our friendship and the class she brings to my business.

Height 165cm | Bust 85cm | Waist 69cm | Hip 95cm

This beautiful human has been my best friend for 20 years! She basically gets no choice when I ask her to model for me now… haha but seriously, could she be anymore beautiful!? Inside and out, I count my lucky stars this universe gave me another sister. Growing up we were often mistaken for sisters, we must have started to morph into one and other because we spent so much time together. Siobhan is a part of the design team at Kitchens by CCJS in Cairns.

Height 163cm | Bust 86cm | Waist 72cm | Hip 90cm

How great is Social Media!? I met this beautiful girl when she shared the launch of BBH on her personal Instagram page… before this I only knew of her because I had worked many years back with her lovely sister. After Chloe booked an outfit for the first time, she tagged me in a video of her wearing her gorgeous BBH outfit on Instagram and in that moment, I knew… I had to have her! She is everything we stand for here at BBH and more. She is a women’s health expert and a clinical nutritionist based in Cairns ladies!

Height 175cm | Bust 84cm | Waist 69cm | Hip 93cm

Long and blonde, this beautiful girl radiates joy and has been such a pleasure to get to know. Mutual friends brought us together and I am so glad they did. She’s the perfect combination of beautiful and funny and has been there for BBH since day dot… literally the very first shoot we ever did! Rhylee is a Professional Dancer at the Le Moulin Rouge- Officiel and has danced all over Paris. She is now living in Brisbane.

Height 174cm | Bust 95cm | Waist 70cm | Hip 86cm

My German Goddess. She has the sweetest nature, and the best can do attitude. Originally coming to Australia to be an Au Pair she now calls Cairns her home. SO grateful to cross paths with this beauty and couldn’t imagine my team without her!

Height 164cm | Bust 85cm | Waist 73cm | Hip 97cm

Business Owner/ Operator. I am passionate about all things fashion and beauty and consider myself very blessed to be doing what I love! I am in no way shape or form a model, but it has certainly been fun playing model for some of our shoots. I am currently based in Cairns and working at Brow Babes one day a week, raising my beautiful daughter, looking after my husband and running BBH from my home and hopefully making women feel great!

Height 165cm | Bust 93cm | Waist 75cm | Hip 93cm

This is my baby sister, like we have the same parents! How gorgeous is this girl!? She has been supporting me on this journey since day dot. Angie is a personal trainer in Cairns and runs her own business ANPT. When she is not writing programmes or looking after her clients, she’s modelling for me. She is so fun and brings so much personality and a LOT of laughs to our shoots, anyone who knows Ange knows this to be true!

Height 168cm | Bust 99cm | Waist 79cm | Hip 100cm

Jules and I go way back! We have always shared a love for fashion, I mean obviously look at this girl! It’s hard not to be yourself or silly around Julia! She is so warm, has the sweetest nature, absolutely radiates confidence and poise and I am so blessed to call her a friend! She is a mumma of two beautiful girls and lives in Cairns.

Height 179cm | Bust 91cm | Waist 74cm | Hip 91cm

This beautiful friend of mine is a lover of all things fashion and beauty. She is a Mumma of one beautiful daughter and you will never catch this girl not looking amazing... she honestly has the best wardrobe AND  clearly the best mermaid hair. Jessie is a Cairns local and we love the elegance and style she brings to our shoot days.

Height 182cm | Bust 85cm | Waist 64cm | Hip 83cm

Our Greek Goddess Tahlia is a Cairns local and has been modelling since she was just 15 years old. When I first met Tahlia I remember thinking how lovely it is to meet someone who is as beautiful on the inside as they are on the out. This gorgeous girl is passionate about all things fashion, beauty and health and fitness... obviously I mean look at this body!! She brings lots of laughs, fun and beauty to our shoots.

Height 172cm | Bust 100cm | Waist 89cm | Hip 114cm

Blessed to call this gorgeous girl a friend. I originally met Tania while working at a beauty salon in Cairns, she was a client. Her beautiful, vibrant and confident personality always made me remember her. She's fun, loves to have a boogie, can put together a mean cheese platter and brings such a sweetness to our photoshoots. Tania is a Cairns local and when she's not focusing on her modelling career at Bella Boutique.. haha she's studying science to one day become a medical professional.

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